YICCA 2018 - the jury

Leila Topić

(senior curator at Zagreb Museum of Contemporary art)

In collaboration with HDLU

(Croatian Association of Visual Artists)



Leila Topić

Leila Topić works as a curator in Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU), in charge of three collections: film and video, photography and media art. "I perceive my curatorial practice primarily as a process of research and exploration within the wider context of socially engaged cultural production and reflections of social reality. I am especially interested in exploring recent, emancipatory artistic practices (criticism of art systems and the artistic position on the labour market, feminist research, relationship between popular culture and high-brow art thus media/ sound art). Within my practice, I try to comprehend and articulate the new logic / optics of contemporary artistic production whose roots spread freely, all the while either destroying or rediscovering history and memory ''arranged'' in a modernistic manner focusing on the complex East-West/Centre-Periphery relations within the international art system.  Throughout the last two decades, we have stood witness to new models of representation in contemporary art, which have caused disquiet, deviations and jolts. The protective net of the classical Western discipline of art history finally gave way under the load of ''slanted'' views or ''lateral'' approaches (Duchamp himself once concluded that a clock, when viewed from the side, cannot tell the time) and caused the widening of lacunes.The shift in the usual point of view which I advocate changes the viewed idea/term / model itself and leads to a slide, shift and movement of sense and meaning. The acknowledgement and articulation of multiple side–views allows the infiltration of the intermedial, intertextual, multilingual, narrative, referential, fictional, borderline, allegoric or ludic – while the fullness of differences and the simultaneity of opposites are the expected result of my curatorial practice. At the same time, i am trying to raise issues on identity - having in mind specific geopolitical context that I'm working in, by confronting it with the emerging global paradigms." 

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