YICCA 17/18 - Final exhibition at the Hernandez art gallery - Milan

Opening : Saturday 12 May - h18:00



Describe and express the adventure of the birth of Hernandez Art Gallery is not easy, condense into a few words a story that encompasses my life so far ...

In cradle the first fragrance that I learned to distinguish was the turpentine of the colors on the palette of my father, so that, whenever I find myself in an artist's studio, the memories of a special childhood through the streets of the Brera district, resurface. In via San Marco 34, where my father Simón had his studio, I spent among the best years of my life and, undoubtedly, the ones I have marked more and inextricably linked to art.

From an early age I learned the differences between the different techniques, especially I remember the fascination that the processing of engraving had on me; in my father's studio the only area where I hadn't access to was the one where he guarded the acids and, of course, the prohibition it increased even more attractive!

The fortune to have been able to live and experience Brera from childhood, is what gave the path to a life of study and work, always face and dedicated to trying to develop and channel the knowledge transmitted by my parents combining them with personal attitudes organizational and relational; hence my humanities studies with a thesis on the symbolism in contemporary Venezuelan art, an experience in the art gallery, the organization of exhibitions and events in different locations, work as an assistant to the Department of Culture of the Venezuelan Consulate in Milan until the maturity of idea ... creating the Hernandez Art Gallery. A place that could contain not only the accumulated experience but the true essence of my personal culture, the combination of the Italian culture and the Venezuelan Creole, the artistic one from my father and scientific pragmatism from my mother; a moment of encounter between artists from physically faraway places but whre they find a home and a commonplace.

The Hernandez Art Gallery, located in the premises of the historical and old printing Linati, place full of art since the early seventies in the most highly technological development area of Milan between Gioia and Porta Nuova, has been completely renovated and adapted to mold itself to the different exhibition requirements being divided into two floors completely distinct and dialoguing with each other also in terms of architecture: the large upstairs space has a typical Milanese design, linear and clean and the lower floor which, on the contrary, keeps the historical memory of the Old Milan with its vaults and serizio floor. It was also thought of area equipped for projections and an increasingly active for conferences, meetings and debates that can animate the life of Milan. Great importance, therefore, it was decided to treat the ongoing dialogue with the same township realizing public projects designed in collaboration with the Regional Institutions and the Diplomatic Missions of keeping faith to the Hernandez Art Gallery mission: the intercultural dialogue.

From via Copernico 8 comes a new story and a new path ...

Consuelo Hernandez - Art Director



Via Copernico 8 - Milan - Italy



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