Francesca Anfosso is a curator and a gallerist based in Rome. She is the owner of the 28 Piazza di Pietra - fine art gallery. The Gallery is situated in the centre of Rome, at number 28 in Piazza di Pietra. The space is born with the purpose of creating, within this unique location, a new hub dedicated to Art and culture. The project is conceived as an interaction centre, with the aim of allowing a dynamic mix of idea generation and artistic production. The intent of the gallery is to promote contemporary Art and its multiple expressions with a particular focus on the photographic medium both locally and on an international level.






Gorospe holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the ID-Arte ART SCHOOL of the Basque Country (Spain) and from the Art Faculty of Vilnius (Lithuania). He has exhibited in numerous countries and institutions such as Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Singapore. In his work, he focuses on new approaches to the idea of man-made landscape, developing several projects in this area. He combines his creative work with the study and understanding of the image from the theoretical point of view. He collaborates on several projects as a curator and photo editor, managing photo festivals and participating in debates and publications. Among the artists of the new photographic trend, he distinguished himself among others by several public and private institutions, such as the Guggenheim Museum (Spain-USA), Sasakawa Foundation (Japan-Scandinavia), Futures Photography (European Creative Program) and Ankkara (European Creative Program) and the Ankaria Foundation (Spain).






Sarah Palermo, an art historian and curator, has from the very beginning set herself the goal of her research on art related to the sociological, photographic context and the study of surrealism. She works in the artistic cultural background of Rome and Paris, and has written several articles on contemporary art and the history of photography. Among her publications, Unica Zürn. The Gifts of Madness and Laura Albin Guillot. La récherche de la forme ” for scientific journals and numerous cooperation with newspapers and portals about art and culture.






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