Launched by young cultural managers in 2008 with moveable exhibitions and short-term artistic events, the gallery retained its mobility and non-institutional nature even after it acquired the legal status in 2011. The Rooster Gallery does not have a permanent exhibition space and presents artists’ works in ever-new venues, looking for alternative exhibition forms that would emphasise the work of a concrete artist and suggest new means of reading an artwork. The gallery’s exhibitions have brought to light new spaces, lofts and interiors of historical buildings that usually are off-limits to the public.




Since the very beginning of its activity The Rooster Gallery has been working to achieve the envisioned goals – presenting the work by young painters, discovering promising artists, representing the hottest trends of contemporary painting and promoting young painting. The experience accumulated in working exclusively with young artists allows the gallery to promote the career of the represented artists since the early stages. The gallery’s dynamic international activity and wide network has contributed to the international recognition of several young Lithuanian painters. The work of the gallery’s artists was represented in major art fairs: Art Dubai, YIA Paris, Art Moscow, Art International Zurich, London’s Global Art Fair, ArtVilnius and others.




Painters represented by the gallery participate in the most important events and competitions of Lithuanian contemporary art (many of them are finalists and winners of the Young Painter Prize and participants of biennials and quadrennials) and exhibit their works in prestigious institutions (National Gallery of Art, Contemporary Art Centre). Works by the gallery’s artists are part of the collections of the Modern Art Centre, Akzo Nobel and private collections.





 The Rooster Gallery
Gyneju str. 14, Vilnius (LT)




JURGITA  |  Art Direction

Art critic Jurgita Juospaityte Bitiniene has two professional fields of interest. It's Lithuanian design studies and curatorial work. Jurgita finished her BA-level art history studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts and MA-level cultural management and cultural policy studies at UNESCO department. She is currently a PhD student at Vilnius Academy of Arts. She has written some articles on design and paintings for Lithuanian and international magazines and exhibition catalogues. Jurgita established a pop-up gallery 'The Rooster', that represents the youngest generation of Lithuanian artists. Since 2008 gallery held a solo exhibitions of E. Karpaviciute's, K. Alisauskaite's, L. Jusionis paintings in Vilnius. As well as a group exhibitions of young Lithuanian painters in Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Italy, USA and Russia.

VAIVA  |  Architect

Vaiva Simoliunaite is an architect and interior designer involved in a diverse array of urban, cultural and commercial projects around the globe. She worked with Studio Fuksas in Rome and Studio Miralles Tagliabue in Barcelona. Currently Vaiva is a senior architect at DO Architects in Vilnius. Besides the actual buildings Vaiva is interested in the architecture of exhibitions. She is collaborating with the Rooster gallery since 2011. Her experience in a dynamic and multicultural environments and various scales of projects (from small competitions to a large scale buildings, like Shanghai pavilion in World Expo exhibition 2010) broadens the understanding of exhibition design.

JUSTINA  |  Art Critic

Art critic Justina Augustyte studied art history, theory and criticism at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Fields of interest include: art and culture of the 1st half of the 20th century, contemporary art, gender studies. She worked as a lecturer at Vilnius University Centre of Gender Studies. Currently works in Lithuanian Art Museum and writes articles on contemporary art. Justina has been writing about The Rooster Gallery exhibitions and artists since 2009.

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